The 2017 Outdoors Exploration Day was a hit on Saturday, October 7th at 2017 Outdoors Exploration Day with over 600 adults and children attending the event. Visitors to Outdoors Exploration Day met falcons, hawks, owls with Flight of the Raptor, made bird houses, tracked wildlife, learned about native plants and wildlife, hiked the many trails at Kiptopeke State Park and so much more!

Eastern Shore Soil and Water Conservation District and Kiptopeke State Park would like to extend a huge thank you to those who attended and the many organizations and volunteers that made Outdoors Exploration Day a huge success.

In addition to the 600+ attendees for Saturday’s program, we hosted several shoulder programs Thursday through Sunday including Hikes, Owl Prowls, and Flight of the Raptor demonstrations for area public, private, and home school students, teachers, and parents reaching a total of 1,373 people from the local area and around the world.