Onley Mayor Matt Hart appeared in Accomack County District Court Tuesday. Hart is questioning the legitimacy of an executive session called by the Onley Town Council in May to discuss problems the council has concerning Hart’s actions as Mayor.  Hart was notified of the meeting but did not attend.  The Council then put together a resolution of censure.

Hart is seeking an injunction to nullify the resolution which was passed by 4 yes votes and two abstentions at the June meeting. A supplemental statement, attached to Hart’s petition and filed last Tuesday, alleged the council did not properly follow state code regarding special meetings. “The council cannot simply fabricate a reason for a closed meeting out of thin air,” the mayor wrote.  “Nonetheless, that is exactly what the council attempted to do.”

According to a member of the Town Council, the judge took the case under advisement and will  and will notify the Town Council when he reaches a decision.

Judge Gordon Vincent recused himself from the case as he is a resident of  Onley and in the past has done work for the Town. The case was heard by another judge using a video connection.