Lawrence Nalls lll charged with receiving of stolen firearms, and possession of a firearm by felon was indicted by the Accomack County grand jury in the June session.

James Lucas a resident of Country Club Road in the Melfa area returned home to find a gold PT cruiser in his driveway with a man he later learned was known as James Logan leaving his garage with one of the 3 guns that were subsequently discovered stolen. Lucas testified that he attempted to follow Logan in a high-speed chase but eventually decided the chase was a danger to his safety. During the chase Lucas did managed to call 911. When he returned home he discovered that an antique 22 rifle, a shotgun, and a pellet gun had been stolen from his garage. His testimony was that he saw Logan place one of the guns in his car. On cross-examination Lucas stated that Logan and his uncle had worked on his home in Melfa.

James Logan then testified that on July 22, 2016 he went to the Lucas home and entered the garage stealing 3 guns and placing them in his car before he sped away when Lucas returned home. Logan then testified that the defendant Nalls was in his car and suggested selling the weapons to his grandfather. Logan also testified that Nalls conducted the sale at his grandfathers home with Logan remaining in the car and as he recalled the sale was approximately $80. On cross-examination Logan admitted that he was a convicted felon with 2 drug convictions and one shoplifting charge and now was facing the breaking and entering charge involved in this case.