The Old Farmers Almanac is out for the 2021-22 and is calling for a cold winter in this area.   Cold and snowy is in the cards for the northern Mid Atlantic Corridor with less snowfall but cold temperatures for our area.  The Almanac forecasts the coldest periods to be in early, mid, and late December, mid-January and mid March.  The snowiest periods will occur in mid to late December, mid January and early February with areas north of here receiving the most snow.   April and May are forecast to be warmer than normal and summer will be hotter and drier than normal with heat waves coming in mid-June and early to mid July and into early August.  September and October call for near normal temperatures and above average rain.

For the last two winters, the Old Farmers Almanac has forecasted normal to above normal temperatures and above normal precipitation, which generally occurred.

The month by month call for November 2021 temperatures to be 5 degrees below normal, December 2021 4 degrees below normal, 6 degrees below normal for January 2022.   4 degrees above average for February 22,  5 degrees above average for March,  5 degrees above average for April, 2 degrees above average for May.  June, July and August will average 2 degrees above average with September averaging 1 degree below normal and October 1 degree above normal.

If the forecast plays out as predicted, we should see a few snowy days and cold temps from December to mid February on the Eastern Shore.