Pictured: one of 26 pictures Nassawadox resident Jim Crunk submitted as evidence of boats driving towing a wake on the gut of Nassawadox Creek.

The Northampton County Board of Supervisors took no action on a request by a citizen to establish a No Wake Zone near the end of a gut of Nassawadox Creek.

Resident Jim Crunk was behind the request, saying the majority of his neighbors supported the no wake zone to help erosion and public safety on the creek.

However, Joe Mapp, who owns a piece of land on the creek, spoke against the measure, calling it unnecessary.

“Safety is number one to me,” said Mapp. “but I don’t think this is necessary. I’ve never seen anyone operate a boat in an unsafe manner.”

Several of the Supervisors worried about enforcement of the no wake zone, as well as the potential domino effect if it were approved.

“I don’t know who will police this,” said Dave Fauber.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Bev Leatherbury said it was a class 4 misdemeanor under Virginia code, and any violations would have to be witnessed by law enforcement to be written a ticket.

“If we approve this one, we may have 10 more requests next month,” said Supervisor John Coker.