The Northampton County Board of Supervisors voted to unanimously send staff generated recommendations for inserting mixed use  development into the County’s Zoning Ordinance.

After the subject was brought up at their regular November meeting, the Northampton staff went to work and Susan McGhee delivered a comprehensive set of recommendations.

The recommendations included allowing mixed-use, residential/commercial in both the residential and commercial categories either by right or by special use permit depending on the situation.

Supervisor John Coker was not excited about the recommendations.

“This is too much change,” said Coker. “I’m not big on a lot of change.”

Supervisor Leatherbury pointed out the next step in this process would be to send the recommendations to the Planning Commission, which would then study it and hold a public hearing before sending it back to the Board of Supervisors, which would also hold a public hearing before passing any changes.

The motion to send the recommendations to the Planning Commission passed unanimously.