Northampton County Public School officials along with Northampton County law enforcement officials recently started working with Boston-based company, InForce Technology, LLC to install their life-saving school safety technology, IN FORCE911, in all of Northampton County Public School District. INFORCE911 is a desktop and mobile application which significantly reduces police response time to a critical event at a school and addresses the communication barrier which exists during active shooting situations.

Here is InForce CEO Brandon Flanagan discussing the application:


With Parkland and Santa Fe’s events earlier this year and 22 school shootings so far, this one-of-a-kind technology works to significantly aid in the school shooting epidemic this country is increasingly experiencing. There is a need to be preemptive and proactive in our approach to school safety.

Flanagan said the use by Northampton Schools should begin rather quickly:


Through implementing this school safety software in more and more school districts and police departments daily, the county of Northampton hopes to empower its school faculty, staff and students, while working to save lives during an act of violence. After all, time equals lives, and every second counts during an emergency situation.