On Tuesday, December 18 close to 260 Northampton Middle School students, teachers, and staff had the privilege of seeing the Charles Dickens classic musical production, “A Christmas Carol” at the Wells Theatre in Norfolk, Virginia. This was made possible by donations of close to $2000 made to the Northampton County Education Foundation’s (NCEF) Fund-a-Project program. The new program, part of the NCEF’s Community Schools Partnership Initiative, promotes collaboration between schools and community partners and encourages schools to focus on innovative approaches that provide well-rounded learning experiences – all creating opportunities for students to thrive.

The show included a number of musical and dance sequences, and also displayed a variety of special effects that kept the students on the edge of their seats. “It was pretty cool. My favorite part was when the Ghost of Christmas Future came out…it was pretty scary,” seventh grader Diego Montalvo exclaimed upon the conclusion of the show.

Wynasia Smith, an eighth grader said“I thought it was fun. I thought it was so neat when the different ghosts took Ebenezer Scrooge to his past, present, and future!”

Some students even took an in-depth look into the show’s cast, and dissected their diction and believability within their roles.

“The show was amazing!” said Lily Jo Mullaly, an eighth grader. “The actors were speaking very fluently, precisely, and believably. Their costumes were very incredible and time appropriate as well.”

The students quite clearly loved the show, but the teachers and staff in attendance enjoyed it as well. NMS Guidance Counselor, Ms. Ivory Turner said, “I thought it was spectacular! I couldn’t keep my eyes off it! The students were very well-behaved, engaged, and fascinated!”

Meghan Fraley, NMS seventh grade math teacher, summed up the event: “I thought it was great! The musical choices seemed to really reach out to the students. I am so glad that the students were able to have an opportunity to see such a professional production. I am thankful for the Northampton County Education Foundation for providing us a platform to raise the funds for our students to be able to attend a function such as this.”

The Northampton County Education Foundation (NCEF) is a conduit for support to the public schools from the community. The Foundation provides grants to teachers to encourage and facilitate approaches aimed at reshaping and improving classroom education for students, other initiatives, such as field trips that enhance students’ educational experiences outside of the classroom, as well as higher education scholarships for graduating seniors. In addition, the NCEF Community Schools Partnership provides a venue for businesses, organizations and individuals to provide direct support to teachers for their classrooms and specific projects. The NCEF is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations made to or through the NCEF are tax deductible. More information about NCEF can be found at its website, ncedufoundation.com.