By Wesley Edwards

At the October 10, Northampton County Board of Supervisors meeting, County director of public works Chris Thomas presented the cost for demolition of the 1914 jail. With no preservation of the artifacts the low bid was $36,172 from Macsons Inc. the Northampton County historical Association requested that artifacts be removed and preserved for the Northampton County Historical Society which according to bids would have almost doubled the cost.

At Monday night’s supervisors meeting Chris Thomas told the supervisors that the Historical Society had found a welder who would remove big and small artifacts at little or no cost which they would pay. Chairman Spencer Murray asked that it be in the record that Northampton County citizens would continue to own any saved historical data or artifacts. Both at the October 10 meeting and Monday night the 1914 jail locks and doors seemed to be the primary focus of interest. Thomas explained that most everything that they were requesting could be stored in the 1907 jail and that the County could find other space if it were needed for storage.

Chairman Spencer Murray asked Thomas if the welder could complete the removal so that a vote and a demolition contract could be let at the November 21 meeting with Thomas responding he felt so and would respond at the November meeting.

For more information on the historic locks, visit the website for the Northampton Historic Preservation Society’s website.

On another subject, Thomas was then asked about the bids and process for renovating Morley’s Wharf. Thomas stated that they had received two bids one of $82,450 and the other of $212,903. He stated that he believed the big difference in the 2 bids was that one was a Fredericksburg company in the other was a local. After Supervisors Robert Duer and Oliver Bennett wanted assurances that the dredging project at Willis Wharf would be completed before this money was transferred it was decided that this decision would be tabled until the November meeting. Thomas explained that the bids would be good until December 19, 2018.

Supervisor Oliver Bennett announced to that Stephanie Weber a employee at Morris Funeral Home is now a write in for the district 3 school board seat and that he is publicly endorsing her.