The Northampton Board of Supervisors rejected the proposed Comprehensive Plan as submitted by the Northampton Planning Commission on their Tuesday night meeting.

According to a letter drafted by the Board and read aloud by Chairman Spencer Murray, the Board’s chief complaints about the plan were:

  1. It relies on outdated studies
  2. It relies on outdated public input
  3. The tone is too negative
  4. It does not fulfill all the requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia
  5. It doesn’t address the need for affordable housing

The Board has directed the Planning Commission to begin the process again and instructed them to seek extensive public input.

The Planning Commission requested a Joint Work Session with the Board to discuss the hiring of an outside firm to assist with the new comprehensive plan. John Coker and Dave Fauber will represent the Board in the hiring process.

The new Comprehensive Plan will be drawn up by an almost entirely new Planning Commission, as several terms of the drafters of the rejected plan ended. Only Dixon Leatherbury will work on both plans.