By Isabella Sayers

On Tuesday evening, Chris Isdell, the Residency Administrator for the Virginia Department of Transportation, gave a brief presentation discussing the potential safety improvements planned for the Cape Charles Food Lion intersection area. Isdell stated that according to accident history, this intersection is one of the most dangerous roadways in Northampton County. Therefore, VDOT would like to widen and lengthen all north and southbound turn lanes on Route 13 ranging from Stone Road to County place.

Along with these expansions, they also believe other improvements can be made, such as installing tapered pavement, upgrading road signs, and implementing overhead highway lighting. This project originated from several prior proposals from VDOT and is anticipated to be completed by 2021.

Following the presentation, Board member, John Coker, addressed the obvious safety deficits the intersection holds. He then went on to stress, “We need to slow that traffic down.” Board Chairman, Spencer Murray, was in agreement that speed proved to be the main issue the Cape Charles Food Lion intersection possessed. The board went on to vote in favor of holding a public hearing to further discuss the propositions, while also gaining the public’s opinion.