Pictured: Todd Gordon with the Berkeley Group moderates the group discussion in Eastville at Northampton High School Monday Night.

By Ted Shockley

It is a question that has been asked a lot this week: What do residents want to see in Northampton County’s future?

The answers have been varied: Economic development, pastoral settings, compatable industries, agriculture, seafood and aquaculture industries, housing opportunities, clean water, welcoming capital investment.

On Monday night in five Northampton County locations, the Berkley group, a Bridgewater-based government consultant, asked residents for their input on the future of the county. 

It’s part of the process of reviewing the Northampton comprehensive plan, the document that guides the county and its land-use decisions.

Members of the Northampton County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, Sept. 10 discussed the meetings. 

Officials said they were well-attended — more than 100 residents were at the five meetings — and the Berkley group said it has continued talking to residents.

Comprehensive plan reviews are required every five years, but a review presented by the county’s planning commission was rejected by the board of supervisors last year, leading to the hiring of the Berkley group.