Northampton County reported one new COVID-19 case Friday morning in the Virginia Department of Health’s report, bringing the County’s new case total of 273. Northampton’s hospitalizations remained at 41 and deaths remained at 28. All of Accomack County’s metrics were unmoved.

The Eastern Shore processed 86 tests in Friday’s numbers for a test positive rate of 1.16%.

Virginia reported a larger number of new cases Friday morning, adding 904 new confirmed COVID-19 cases for a new overall case total of 66,095, with 39 new probable COVID-19 cases, for a new overall total of 2,836.

50 new confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations were added to the VDH’s rolls, for a new overall total of 6,632. Probable hospitalizations remained unchanged at 39. Current hospitalizations ticked up in Virginia, with confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations going up by 42 to 628 and pending test result hospitalizations increasing by eight to 378.

Virginia added 21 new COVID-19 deaths, for an overall total of 1,853 and probable deaths remained unmoved at 105.

Virginia again processed a large number of tests, with 15,258 reported, for a test positive rate of 5.9%.



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