Outgoing Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has taken one of the campaign pledges Republican Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin made to put in his outgoing budget: eliminating Virginia’s grocery tax.

Calling it his ‘Thank You, Virginia’ tour, Northam, in addition to large increases in spending, has now released he is proposing several tax cuts as well in his outgoing budget.

“When Virginia cuts taxes next year, it should be done in a way that benefits working people,” said Governor Northam. “Many professionals made it through the pandemic fine, as their work simply moved online. But workers haven’t been so lucky when their jobs require close contact with other people. Some jobs simply can’t move online—restaurant workers, early childhood educators, home care attendants, and others—and we all depend on the people who do this work. Virginia can help working people by eliminating the state grocery tax, providing one-time rebates, and giving a tax break to people who are working.”

Among the other tax cuts being proposed by the outgoing Democrat include an income tax cut for working families, offering one-time ‘economic growth rebates and ending ‘accelerated sales tax’ payments for retailers.

The budget proposal will have to pass muster the newly elected Republican House of Delegates which will begin their session in January.

Meanwhile, Virginia Republicans released this statement. “We’re glad to see Governor Northam admit Governor-Elect Youngkin’s Day One Game Plan is the right path for Virginia – despite campaigning against it for months. It’s a little embarrassing, however, that Northam couldn’t be more original, copying the Youngkin playbook down to events at a grocery stores. Today’s announcement is a positive sign of things to come under the leadership of Gov-elect Youngkin, after years of failure Virginians have been subjected to from the Democrats.”

Delegate Rob Bloxom agreed.

“Imitation is the highest form of flattery,” the Eastern Shore’s Delegate said.