Governor Ralph Northam said in his press conference that new models from the University of Virginia  show that social distancing is working.  Northam also said that Virginia Hospitals have the capacity to handle surge cases but only if  Virginians continue to follow guidelines.  Failure to follow the guidelines could result in the state’s peak being higher and coming sooner.

Northam said “ We’re going to have to keep living this way for the near future.  The key is for us to keep doing what we’re doing.”  As far as a possible end date for his stay at home orders Northam said his team is taking things one day at a time and that he will get people back to their lives as soon as we can.

Northam also said that Virginia’s online education platform, Virtual Virginia, is being expanded to help prevent exacerbating inequalities in the education system. He says public television channels in the state are also airing instruction over the air.