Governor Northam said in is press conference Friday that he has been in touch with officials in the areas where Phase 0 is still in place, which includes Accomack County.  Northam said that he will know next week if those restrictions will be lifted on May 28 as scheduled.

The Accomack County Board of Supervisors kept the county shut down by voting in mid May to ask the governor to exempt the county from moving into Phase 1 with most of the state on March 15.  In spite of votes in the incorporated towns of Chincoteague, Saxis and Onancock to move into Phase 1, Northam not only allowed the unincorporated areas of the county to stay at Phase 0 but ordered all of the incorporated towns to do the same.

That move was especially painful to Chincoteague.  It cost the businesses of Chincoteague tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue that usually comes in during the Memorial Day weekend.

Voting to keep the county on lockdown for two additional weeks were Supervisors Hart, Tarr, Wolfe, Johnson and Major.