By Wesley Edwards

At the Northampton County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday night, Southern Shores North Carolina County Commissioner Robert Woodward Sr. returned to Northampton County with framed thank you letters for the EMS service, several deputies and those responsible for hiring such high level service people.

Woodward and his 91 year old mother were traveling south on Highway 13 heading home to the North Carolina’s Outer Banks when what was reported as a large deer struck their Chevrolet Tahoe vehicle causing more than $18,000 of damage before hitting the windshield and flipping over the top of the vehicle. Woodward told the supervisors that had it not been the fact that the EMS service arrived almost immediately and rescued he and his mother from the vehicle he did not believe that either would be alive today.

Woodward presented the framed thank you letter to each of those that rendered assistance on that evening along with Outer Banks saltwater taffy.