Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina declared a state of emergency for his state in anticipation of  the possible arrival of Hurricane Florence late next week.  Weather forecasters have adjusted the forcast track of Florence and that adjustment has increased the likelihood that Florence could bring strong winds and rains to the East Coast between northern Florida and Cape Cod.

Forecasters from the National Hurricane center are recommending that residents of the East Coast begin long term preparations and make plans in case Florence approaches the Mid Atlantic Coast.

They are recommending that you check your hurricane supplies and make sure you have everything you need including a portable radio with extra batteries  and other items.  You can see a complete list of recommended supplies for a hurricane kit on the Hurricane Survival Guide on  You can also pick up a printed version at locations throughout the Shore.

While it’s early, you should be taking inventory of supplies, decide where you might go if you live in a low lying area and make arrangements.  You can see your zone on the Hurricane Survival Guide sponsored by A&N Electric Co-op.  If you have a boat in the water, make plans to pull it up if possible or take appropriate actions to secure larger boats if necessary.

It’s not quite time yet to take action but you should start making plans so if Florence threatens the Eastern Shore you will know what to do  to protect your lives and property.