According to Northampton County  Board of Supervisors Chairman Spencer Murray,  things at Northampton High School may not be as dire as originally thought.  Murray, speaking at Wednesday’s Eggs and Issues breakfast told the attendees that architects hired by the County to examine the structural integrity of the school have found that the main structure is sound.  Murray said that it would be preferable if the problems at Northampton could be either repaired or stabilized. Murray said that it would not be fiscally responsible or ethical to borrow the money to build a new school by either setting up an interest only loan for a number of years or max out the County’s ability to borrow money:

Murray said that at some point in the future a new school complex would have to  be built in Northampton and at that time he hoped that it will be possible to separate the Northampton Middle School students from the high school students with two school buildings at the same site.

Meanwhile Delegate Rob Bloxom stated that a portion of an anticipated state surplus may be considered for a fund that would help rural counties in need of school upgrades.  Bloxom cautioned against depending on this to come to pass stating that a surplus is projected but a long way from being a reality.

Murray went on to say that a news release from the state concerning an award of $1.7 million to expand broadband in Northampton County isn’t true.  Murray said that the money from that fund will go to Scott County in western Virginia and Camden County in North Carolina. He stated that no money is currently allotted to expand Broadband in Northampton.