The second half of Wednesday morning’s Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Eggs and Issues Breakfast featured Northampton County Board of Supervisors Chairman Spencer Murray and Accomack County Board of Supervisors Chairman Robert Crockett.

First up was Murray. He began by introducing some of the new faces in the Northampton County Office:


Murray then pivoted to the recent election in Northampton County:


Also in his comments was a little about the issues facing the County:


However, several towns are making excellent progress in Northampton County:


And the biggest issue facing Northampton, according to Murray, is internet and cellular connectivity:


Last but not least was Accomack Chairman Robert Crockett. Crockett wasted no time responding to several anti-poultry questions which had been asked of the earlier speakers:


Here are his remarks regarding the strength of Accomack County’s economy:


Crockett also talked about the strength of the health care and public school systems in Accomack County:


The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce sponsors two Eggs and Issues annually, traditionally one before the General Assembly convenes in Richmond to discuss what may happen, and one following the conclusion of the General Assembly and Veto Session, to discuss what actually did happen.