On Monday, April 29, 2019, volunteers from the Eastern Shore participated in a mock accident at Arcadia High School.

The purpose of the mock accident was to impress upon students the dangers of driving impaired and/or distracted, especially with prom season fast approaching.

The event is an annual event, rotating each year between Arcadia High School and Nandua High School. Stephanie Bagwell of the Accomack County Department of Public Safety organizes the event, coordinating with the different agencies and schools.

Jesse West donated the cars which were used to stage the accident for the Firebird Juniors and Seniors who plan on attending prom this year.

Other organizations and businesses who participated in Monday morning’s mock accident included the Accomack County Department of Public Safety, the Bloxom and  Atlantic Volunteer Fire Companies, the Virginia State Troopers, and Williams Funeral Homes.