County Administrator Mike Mason told the Accomack County Board of Supervisors that he has received several complaints concerning the closing of convenience centers and schools during the recent hurricane threat. Mason said that many of the convenience centers are located in Zone A which Governor Ralph Northam ordered evacuated on Tuesday, September 11.   Mason said that the state law prohibits county government from ignoring the order and it would have been illegal for county employees to be required to work during the evacuation order. It was also stated that schools had to be closed because they are designated shelters. Again state law requires that shelters be opened and accept evacuees when evacuation is ordered. There was no way the schools could be used as shelters if they were in session. Mason said, “I stand by the decision to close the convenience centers and said the county had them open within 24 hours after the order was lifted.

Supervisor Donald Hart who serves as Chairman of Emergency Services thanked the many county employees that worked tirelessly during the threat. At the same time, the county was busy trying to open a road to Hillsboro. Hart said that despite the fact that Florence turned south and completely missed the Shore, the county would have been prepared if the result had been different.


Eastern Shore Firefighters