By Wesley Edwards

Patrick Corey of Horntown and Norfolk, who pled guilty at his trial for threatening to bomb his workplace Tyson’s Chicken Processing plant, was in Accomack County Circuit Court Thursday for sentencing.

Corey on April 8, 2016, asked his employer if he could leave early and was told no which enraged the defendant to the point that he threatened to bomb the plant and subsequently broke a light fixture.

Corey told the court that his family had made arrangements for him to begin working at the Norfolk shipyard if he could be released in the next 2 weeks. He confirmed that he had been in jail since April 8, 2016.

Defense attorney Carl Bundick told the court that no other employee was affected and that there was no lost time for the plant. Commonwealth’s Attorney Spencer Morgan told the court he questioned the Norfolk shipyard job because it is his understanding that no felons are allowed on the premises and that the guidelines presented by the probation Department clearly indicate the defendant’s record.

Judge Lewis then sentenced the defendant to 10 days for a failure to appear pending charge, to 20 days for the destruction of the light fixture, and to one year for the bomb threat with 3 years of probation and 10 years of good behavior.