The majority of the Eastern Shore’s COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths have impacted the African American population, according to the Virginia Department of Health, as of the latest numbers released on Friday, August 28.

According to the VDH’s COVID-19 dashboard, of the Eastern Shore’s 1,444 total cases since March, 849 have been African Americans, 258 have been Latino, 235 have been white and 111 have been another race or unreported.

Of the Eastern Shore’s 137 total COVID hospitalizations since march, 97 have been African American, 26 have been white, 12 have been Latino and three were other.

The Eastern Shore has had 48 total COVID-19 deaths since March. 37 of these deaths have been African-American, 18 have been white and three have been Latino. 40 of the Eastern Shore’s deaths have been individuals over the age of 60.

The number break down between men and women appears to be fairly even.

According to the VDH website, the Eastern Shore has had 28 COVID-19 test positives in the last two weeks.