October 21, 2023
Jen Kiggans George McMath

WASHINGTON, DC:  Congresswoman Jen Kiggans (VA-02) FridaYreleased the following statement regarding the ongoing effort to fill the Speakership:

“After failing to win the votes of a majority of House Members on the Floor and failing to earn the support of 112 of the 221 Members of our Republican Conference this afternoon, it’s clear that Congressman Jordan was not the right person to unite our Republican Majority. During our three votes on the Floor of the U.S. House, I did not support Congressman Jordan. Our world becomes more dangerous by the day. During my multiple conversations with Congressman Jordan, he could not commit to – at a minimum – keeping our defense budget at current levels, which I believe are already inadequate. Additionally, my concerns that a government shutdown could be used for leverage were not addressed.

“I remain supportive of empowering the Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry so that we can get back to the people’s work while we reunify and refocus our Republican Conference. Unlike my eight Republican colleagues – who voted with every Democrat to vacate the Speaker without a plan to control the chaos that followed – my plan will allow us to get back to work on avoiding a government shutdown, securing our border, and supporting our ally Israel.

“I’d like to thank Congressman Jordan for stepping up to run for this important position and graciously withdrawing his candidacy when there was no path forward for him. We both share conservative values our country needs and I look forward to seeing him continue his important work as the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

“I came to Congress to fight for Virginia’s Second District, which is a unique part of our Commonwealth. That will never change.”

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