James Lilliston

James Lilliston

According to a press release sent out Thursday afternoon, James A Lilliston Sr., of Melfa, has announced candidacy for Treasurer of Accomack County.  Lilliston has worked for the Treasurers Office in Accomack since 2005.

James has been married to his wife, Tysheia Lilliston, for 22 years and has been blessed with 5 children and 4 grandchildren. He is an active member of Burtons Independent Methodist Church, where he serves on the Trustee Board and assists with the church finances. James is a 1991 graduate from Nandua High School, as well as a 1997 graduate of the Eastern Shore Community College, where he obtained a degree in Business Management with a specialization in Computer Information Systems.

During his 14-year tenure working for the Treasurer’s Office, James has completed a variety of duties to assist Accomack County and its citizens. While James’ main duty has been the collection of taxes, he has also assisted in providing tax invoices to all the towns in Accomack county at the year’s end. Twice a year, James Lilliston Sr. has been active in partnering with the Accomack County Health Department in sponsoring a rabies clinic to ensure that all dog owners have the opportunity to purchase their license. James has made sure to not stay stagnant in his position, but to continue learning and improving so that he could better serve his community. James has traveled to Virginia Beach and Richmond, Va, completing several Deputy Treasurer Classes that have better prepared him to obtain the position of Treasurer of Accomack County.

According to the press release: “Those that know James will tell you that he is a humble individual that will assist anyone in any way that he can. Over his 14 years, James has been involved in resolving numerous conflicts for the Treasurer’s Office, and for the taxpayers of Accomack County. He is truly a great asset to the county because of these qualities, and his commitment and loyalty to Accomack County and its taxpayers. James Lilliston Sr. has been training and preparing for this opportunity since he began working at the Treasurer’s Office in 2005. If voters take nothing else away from this, know that voting for James Lilliston Sr. will ensure that you have a Treasurer that will do his best to be fair and understanding in every possible situation.”

Long time treasurer Dana Bundick announced this week she will not seek another term.