By Ted Shockley

A report shows Northampton County residents generated 30.6 million pounds of solid waste last year — almost seven pounds of trash per resident, per day.

And because the county doesn’t have a landfill, taxpayers have spent $757,000 over the last 12 months in hauling and disposal fees to truck the rubbish to a Hampton landfill.

Northampton’s solid-waste report was presented to the Board of Supervisors during a Feb. 11 meeting, and provided a glimpse into the county’s throwaway volume.

There were successes, including recycling, which Northampton and Accomack jointly contract with a Chesapeake facility to collect at least weekly.

Despite having about one-third Accomack’s population, Northampton County provided two-thirds of all recyclables collected in both counties by the facility.

Northampton collected 291.32 tons of recyclables, while Accomack residents collected about 145 tons, according to the company, Tidewater Fibre Corporation. 

Northampton has its solid waste hauled from a transfer facility near Oyster several days each week. It costs $56.50 per ton to have it hauled to and disposed of in Hampton — a better price than to haul it to Accomack becuase of higher tipping fees.

Northampton’s landfill reached capacity and was closed 11 years ago. The county has six staffed solid-waste centers, the businest of which is in Bayview, according to the report.

The least-used solid-waste center is in Birdsnest. 


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