Healthy volunteers form Shore Delivery Corps to assist high risk individuals with daily needs

April 3, 2020

Shore Delivery Corps LogoThe Eastern Shore’s battle against COVID-19 has a new battalion of warriors –the Shore Delivery Corps. Starting Monday, April 6, healthy volunteers will pick up food and medications and deliver them safely to people who are most in danger of becoming seriously ill from the virus.

The Shore Delivery Corps’ mission is to keep vulnerable people home, and out of public places. If a person is over 65, or has existing health problems such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, heart or lung diseases, they may suffer more if exposed to the virus. The Shore Delivery Corps wants to prevent that, if possible.

To get help or to volunteer, call (757) 801-9950, or email [email protected].  Volunteers will go to the store after you order and pay for the products as you usually do. If you need help ordering what you need, the volunteers will assist you. Then they will bring the bags to your doorstep, clean and virus free.

Shore Delivery Corps serves under the umbrella of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation and the United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore. The Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation gave the Corps $25,000, and the United Way donated $2,000 toward the mission.

Take the Virginia Young Adults Survey, for Virginians age 18-25.

“Working together, we can all make a difference in preserving the lives and good health of our fellow citizens who are at the greatest risk of serious complications from COVID-19,” said Corps leader Jeff Holland. “Help us by volunteering to make deliveries, to answer calls, or to educate our fellow citizens who are at risk the importance of staying home.”

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