A group of citizens, lead by Myra Riley-Taylor, has organized and is attempting to revitalize the Bayside Onancock area. Also known as White Rabbit, the community has approximately 150 parcels, with 48 occupied homes and 37 abandoned homes. Currently about 100 people live in Bayside.

Riley-Taylor was at the Accomack County Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday night informing the Board of their progress and to ask for support.

According to Riley-Taylor, the project hopes to develop the areas water and septic infrastructure, tear down abandoned and dilapidated houses, improve homes, better maintain the ditches, improve signage, bring sidewalks and broadband to the community. She asked the Board to authorize the Accomack Northampton Planning District Commission to support the Bayside community projects. The Board unanimously approved a motion to authorize the ANPDC to support the goals of the