Greenbackville woman pleads guilty to unlawfully wounding step-father

August 13, 2022

By Linda Cicoira

     A Greenbackville woman pleaded guilty Thursday in Accomack Circuit Court to unlawfully wounding her step-father last January. 

     Forty-five-year-old Karen Garrison, of Brigantine Boulevard in Captain’s Cove, claimed she was defending herself when she cut her step-father in the head with a knife. When her mother tried to stop the fight, Garrison accidentally cut herself and was also treated for her injury. 

    Harry Wilson told authorities the defendant wounded him when she struck him with a small axe.

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     Garrison was initially charged with the more serious felony of malicious wounding. That charge was reduced in exchange for the guilty plea. 

    The defendant told police she walked in front of Wilson’s view of the TV when she went through the living room of their home causing him to get angry and start a verbal dispute. It became physical when he “punched her in the face” so “she grabbed a knife to defend herself.” She said she swung the knife and hit her stepfather in the head causing a laceration.

     Wilson told police his wound was “three inches and required stitches.” Weeks later, Wilson produced the axe and said it was the weapon used on him by Garrison. A kitchen knife, which had blood on it, was said to be more consistent with the injuries and was found at the scene by police.

     Garrison’s lawyer told the judge her client is seeking help for a mental disorder caused by being abused by men. Sentencing was deferred until January pending completion of a pre-sentence report.


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