The Town of Onley was given a great opportunity in January of this year. That opportunity was the donation of six town lots for a park to honor George N. McMath from his daughter Elizabeth Byam.

The land was accepted by the Town and a Park Committee was appointed from interested applicants.   After many meetings and lots of research, the project is now getting started. A survey has been done, the back of the property has been cleared of thick brush, small trees, and vines, and a landscape designer is working with the committee to provide us with a final drawing for the layout of the park

At a Recessed Meeting of the Onley Town Council on August 19, 2019, the capital. budget for the park was approved. Also at that meeting, the Council was presented the draft Park sketch and recommendations from the Park Committee. The council agreed unanimously with all the recommendations.

The vision for the Park is to provide a peaceful space for the residents, families to meet, walk, relax, read, meditate, enjoy a water feature, walk the labyrinth, have a picnic, play yard games; and for small children enjoy some playground equipment.

The Committee has several fundraising ideas to help bring this park to reality. One project will be selling engraved bricks. We will have both 4 by 8 and 8 by 8 inch bricks that will be used at the entrance to the park. They can be engraved with your name, your company’s name, in honor of or in memory of someone, all to honor and support George N. McMath and the Park. We will also be offering benches at cost and we will add an engraved plaque with your message.

For more information about the Park, or about the bricks or benches, please contact Billye Dee Custis, Chairman of the George N. McMath Park Committee at 787-1820 or   Groundbreaking information will be coming soon.