According to a story on WJZ TV in Baltimore, a group of fishermen saw a 16 ft whale shark near their boat this weekend approximately 5 miles east of Chincotague Inlet. The group was fishing with Captain Brian Esteppe with Y Knot Fishing Adventures. Esteppe managed to capture a video of the shark next to his boat.

Esteppe said “this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen” as he videotaped the huge creature.

National Geographic calls Whale Sharks  “gentle giants.”  They are filter feeders and open their huge mouths and feed on plankton and small fish.  Whale sharks can grow to as long as 32.8 feet and can weigh up to 20.6 tons. They are not known to be aggressive sharks.

The video was taken about 5 miles off of Chincoteague in an area known as the Box Cars.




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