Pictured: Jim Kaczmarek photo, courtesy of Facebook.


The Town of Exmore has become the first town or county on the Eastern Shore of Virginia to adopt ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ status.

A diverse overflow crowd filled the Exmore Town Council Chambers and spilled out into the hallway as the Exmore Town Council heard from supporters of the resolution.

The motion was formally brought to the council by Exmore Police Chief Angelo DiMartino and passed unanimously to loud cheers by the crowd assembled. No one spoke in opposition.

The movement in Virginia to declare County’s ‘Second Amendment Sanctuaries’ has gained steam since the November elections, where, following redistricting by federal judges in many safe Republican districts, the State of Virginia flipped blue for the first time in more than three decades. Democrats made gun control a center piece of their campaigning, following the Virginia Beach shooting.

Exmore’s resolution instructs its Town Police force not to enforce any law disarming lawful citizens.

The resolutions being passed will likely face a tough road should they end up in court, but are intended to send a message to Democratic lawmakers who have already announced sweeping gun control legislation for the upcoming General Assembly session.

Click here to read the full text of Exmore’s Second Amendment Resolution