The COVID-19 Pandemic has upset the natural flow of our lives everywhere and definitely here on the Eastern Shore.  With schools and many businesses closed, Shore residents are feeling more stress, anxiety, and depression then before. The Eastern Shore Community Services Board is the Shore’s local behavioral health agency and its services are still open and available to Eastern Shore residents.

Media outlets are full of tips on how to get through this pandemic. From hand washing, to mask-making, to self-care, these outlets are trying to help everyone stay healthy and virus-free. But sometimes the pressure is too much. Depression, anxiety, anger, and substance use disorders may happen. The ESCSB has resources to help with those issues.  Our Same Day Access Services remain open and individuals may walk into our Parksley Behavioral Health Services Outpatient center at 19056 Greenbush Road in Parksley for services. Due to COVID-19 and for the safety of Shore residents, if you would like to begin services, you may choose the option to call our office (757-665-1260) and be given an appointment to complete your initial assessment. Case management services, assessment services, outpatient therapy services, and most medication services will be provided by phone or video calling when requested and/or is available. If you currently receive one of these services, your case manager/therapist/doctor/nurse will be in touch with you. Individuals can still choose to come to the outpatient offices in Parksley; however we do encourage you to be mindful of your health and any symptoms.

ESCSB’s Emergency Services are available for individuals or family members experiencing a crisis.  The trained team of Emergency Services clinicians provide 24/7 crisis services here on the Eastern Shore of VA, with certified and licensed staff ready to assist you and your family at anytime day or night. To access this service, please dial either of these numbers (911 or the local 24-Hour Crisis Services number 757-442-7707 or Toll-Free – 1-800-764-4460) and ESCSB’s Emergency Services team will be glad to assist you with your call.

The ESCSB website at also has information to help individuals and families on its COVID-19 Resources page.