The Eastern Shore Coalition Against Domestic Violence(ESCADV) is asking for the community’s help.

In an email sent to supporters Tuesday afternoon, Board members said the Coalition is continuing to see increases in clients in the wake of the economic shutdown in response to COVID-19 and the influx is straining the supplies on hand.

ESCADV is asking for donations of milk, juice, juice boxes, bottled tea, instant coffee, bread, hotdog and burger buns, oil, butter, frozen food: hotdogs, burgers, bacon, small trays of chicken, scrapple, frozen small portion dinners (for microwave), frozen potatoes, canned meats; tuna, beef stew, hash, chicken, sausage, canned spaghettio’s, ravioli and canned fruit. They are also asking for cleaning supplies, such as bleach, paper towels, toilet paper, disinfectant spray, dish detergent and clothes detergent, as well as gloves, masks, thermometers, tylenol, can openers, crock pots, diapers, bath towels and wash cloths.

For questions and to arrange donations, please call either 757-787-1329 or 757-787-1959, or visit