The Eastern Shore Resource Conservation and Development Council (ES RC&D) and the partner members of the Eastern Shore Watersheds Roundtable are pleased to host three fun ways to learn the importance of pollinators and what can be done to protect them. Pollinating animals travel from plant to plant carrying pollen on their bodies in a vital interaction that allows the transfer of genetic material critical to the reproductive system of most flowering plants – the very plants that bring us countless fruits, vegetables, and nuts, 1⁄2 of the world’s oils, fibers and raw materials; prevent soil erosion, and increase carbon sequestration.

This nearly invisible ecosystem service is a precious resource that requires attention and support – and disturbing evidence from around the globe indicates they are increasingly in jeopardy.

This year, the Eastern Shore Watersheds Roundtable has created three different free and intriguing opportunities to appeal to anyone who wants to learn about the enchanting world of pollinators and what role they can play in supporting these creatures whose wellbeing we depend on for our very existence! All the events are free and the public is invited to attend one event or all three!

For the Bees: Backyard Pollinator Habitat Walk
Thursday, June 21, 10:00 am – 12 pm. Rain date: Friday, June 22, Holly Point Farm, Belle Haven

Step outside and see where the bees live! Take a look at real honeybee hives and where bees search for food. But domestic honey bees are just a fraction of the pollinator workforce. So, we will explore the diversity of flowering plants in gardens, meadows, and forests that keep all pollinators in business.

Register: Call Hali at (757) 442-5885 or email Vegetables Love Flowers with Lisa Zeigler

Thursday, June 21, 4 – 6 pm. Eastern Shore Community College Workforce Development Bldg.

Lisa Ziegler

Nationally renowned author, farmer, and gardening expert Lisa Ziegler will share her secrets of using flowers to attract pollinators while increasing the beauty and bounty of your vegetable crops. Learn Lisa’s systems of growing beautiful vegetables without chemicals while dramatically increasing yields. Learn organic techniques that attract beneficial bugs which will stay around and eat the bad bugs. Lisa Mason Ziegler will share these and more techniques from her latest book, Vegetables Love Flowers.


Bats & Butterflies: How to Attract and Provide Habitat for These Important Pollinators Friday, June 22, 2 – 4 pm. Barrier Islands Center, 7295 Young Street, Machipongo, VA 23405

A fun and informative free presentation in which you will learn how to attract these pollinators to your backyard, garden or farm; the importance of these creatures to human health and food; the fun, pleasure and many advantages of keeping them around; and the many benefits of increased pollination. Presenters include retired Northampton County High School Science teacher Joe Mysko, and Virginia Zoo at Norfolk’s Education Manager Michelle Lewis for this lively and inspiring presentation.


More Information: Josephine Mooney at:; 757-710-7266. These events are presented by the ES Watersheds Roundtable which is funded by a grant from the VA Department of Environmental Quality and administered by the ES Resource Conservation & Development Council (ES RC&D).