Robie Marsh, the Executive Director of the Eastern Shore Tourism Commission, gave an update to the Northampton County Board of Supervisors at Monday night’s meeting.

Marsh reported the move of Tourism Commission into the Chamber building was progressing nicely. He also announced Sarah Head has been officially promoted as the new Marketing Director.

The new Tourism Commission Board has identified 10 goals. They include restructuring the staff roles and responsibilities, filling vacant positions, correcting and launching the new website, creating, printing and distributing the 2019 Travel Guide, overcoming the $65,946 deficit ran by the former Tourism Commission, designing a Strategic Bi-County Tourism Marketing plan, organizing industry specific focus group workshops to identify areas of collaboration, coordinating an audit, maintaining the success of the Southern Gateway Welcome Center and laying the groundwork to re-establishing the Chamber building as the middle-Shore Welcome center as was intended when it was designed.

Marsh pointed out the Tourism Commission coming into the Chamber building will save the taxpayers of Accomack and Northampton County $42,784 annually.

These savings will not be used to address the deficit, but rather will be rolled back into direct tourism marketing of the Eastern Shore.

His plan for addressing the deficit does not include asking the Counties for more money, but rather improving the profitability of the Travel Guide and Welcome Center advertising.

Marsh also announced plans to dovetail the Virginia Tourism Commission’s 50th Anniversary Celebration of the ‘Virginia is for Lovers’ Slogan through a VTC grant to highlight 50 ways to Explore the Eastern Shore.