The Eastern Shore reported six additional COVID-19 test positives for the second day in a row, with five additional in Accomack and one additional in Northampton in Monday morning’s update from the Virginia Department of Health. The Eastern Shore Health District processed 48 tests for a test positive rate of 10.4%.

As of Monday morning, the Virginia Department of Health reports 11,061 individuals in Accomack County(33.8% of the population) have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine with 7,058 being fully vaccinated(21.6% of the population). In Northampton, 5,341 individuals(44.9% of the population) have been given the first dose and 3,565 have been given both(29.9% of the population).

When combined with infection numbers for each county, roughly 42.1% of Accomack citizens either have natural or vaccine immunity from COVID-19, with 51.4% of Northampton County residents. These are rough estimates, as the Virginia Department of Health does not report those infected who also get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Virginia reported 747 additional COVID-19 test positives with 276 probable cases.

The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association reports current COVID-19 hospitalizations fell by 15 to 868 statewide.

25 additional confirmed deaths were reported statewide with six additional probable deaths.

The Virginia Department of Health processed 12,589 for a test positive rate of 5.9%.