The Eastern Shore of Virginia reported no new COVID-19 metrics Monday morning, the first time since April 21.

Accomack County’s new cases, hospitalizations and deaths remained unchanged, at 983, 55 and 13, as did Northampton County’s, at 255, 32 and 26.

Virginia also reported low numbers in Monday’s report. Following several days with additions near 1,000, the Department of Health only added 530 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, for an overall total of 48,879 and 40 new probable COVID-19 cases, for a total of 2,372.

Virginia added 37 new confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations, for an overall total of 5,112, and no new probable COVID-19 hospitalizations, for a total of 31. The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association reports one fewer confirmed COVID-19 hospitalization, for a current total of 800 and 12 fewer pending test result COVID-19 hospitalizations, for a current total of 373.

Virginia added four new COVID-19 deaths, for an overall total of 1,373, and one new probable COVID-19 death, for a total of 104.