The Eastern Shore reported an additional hospitalization and 13 test positives Saturday morning. The additional hospitalization was reported in Northampton County. Accomack reported seven test positives and Northampton six. The Eastern Shore Health District processed 129 tests for a test positive rate of 10%.

As of Saturday morning, Accomack County has given 6,510 the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 1,490 have been given the second. In Northampton, 3,566 have been given one shot and 888 have received both.

Virginia reported 1,393 additional COVID-19 test positives with 489 probable cases.

The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association had not yet updated their metrics as of 9:10 AM.

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91 additional deaths were reported statewide, the highest single day increase since the start of the pandemic. There is no clarifying verbiage on the VDH website Saturday morning saying this addition is due to backlogged deaths. Eight additional probable deaths were also reported.

The Virginia Department of Health processed 24,574 tests for a test positive rate of 5.6%.