During the County Administrator’s comments at Wednesday’s Accomack County Board of Supervisors meeting, Mike Mason told the Board that there is a possibility for Federal with the 911 Infrastructure Replacement Project.

Mason said that he had been notified by Congresswoman Elaine Luria’s office that the project may be eligible for a Federal Community Projects Grant. Mason said that he thinks  the critical nature of the project and the regional aspect would make it appealing and help move it forward in the process.

Mason said that the funding is scheduled to be awarded in July and there are restrictions including requirements that it be spent by the end of the year, but extensions can be obtained depending on the circumstances.

The Accomack and Northampton Boards of Supervisors voted to commit to rebuilding the aging system that, at times, makes communicating with law enforcement or first responders difficult.

The project is currently in the planning stages and it could be as late as 2023 before it is completed.

Although there are no guarantees,  the funding would benefit the capital improvement efforts of both counties.