This U.S. Geological Survey map shows the site of Tuesday night’s earthquake

By Ted Shockley

Scientists say an earthquake was reported at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday roughly 130 miles east of Northampton County.

The earthquake along an unnamed fault line was the first measured such event off the Eastern Shore since 1992.

The U.S. Geological Survey measured the earthquake at 4.7 magnitude on the Richter scale. It was reported at 136 miles east-southeast of Ocean City, Md., or almost directly off lower Northampton County.

Jana Pursley, a geophysicist with the geological survey based in Colorado, told WESR and Shore Daily News that any wave impact from the earthquake “would be presumed as very weak.”

“Earthquakes of this size will not cause local waves or tsunamis,” she said.

Pursley said this was the closest earthquake “of this size” ever measured off the Mid-Atlantic coast.

A 4.8 magnitude quake happened in 1992 and a 4.0 quake happened in 1986 off the coast, but “they were about 100 miles farther from this event.”

The quake drew interest from media around the region. The last earthquake to be felt on the Eastern Shore was the 2011 event in central Virginia that measured 5.8 on the scale.