The DEQ conducted a public information session Wednesday night at Arcadia High School. The session was conducted to share information and not public comment. Drew Hammond of the DEQ told those in attendance that there are currently 57 poultry facilities operating on Draft Consent Special Orders or temporary withdrawal permits. These temporary permits include monthly and yearly withdrawal limits, withdrawal metering and reporting, coordination with DEQ for new well construction and submittal of a complete permit application no later than October 1, 2018.

Drew Hammond of the DEQ said that of the 57 Special Orders holders, 43 have completed their permit applications and 14 are in the process of getting them completed. After the permits are submitted to the DEQ, they will be taken before the State Water Control Board which anticipates action on September 20.

Hamond said that the DEQ is opening a public hearing comment period starting today and ending at 11:59 p.m. August 31. Those wishing to submit comments should do so in writing to the DEQ. Comments can be made to Lee Crowell, P.O. Bo 1105, Richmond, Va. 23218 or by email to So far 262 public comments have been received by 84 individual commenters.

The newly issued permits will contain monthly and yearly withdrawal limits, withdrawal meters and reporting to the DEQ, coordination with DEQ for new well construction, requirements for a mitigation plan for adverse impacts , requirements for a water conservation and management plan, and conditions applicable to all groundwater withdrawal permits.