According to a report on WBOC,com, blood donations are down to critically low numbers on Delmarva because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Some people are worried about giving blood because of the virus. The Blood Bank of Delmarva is looking for new ways to increase donations and ensure everyone that the process is clean and safe.

Marie Desmond donated Friday morning. She said that it’s as safe as it’s ever been.

“They take your temperature before you even walk in the door, in the front door, just to make sure you’re okay. And, they clean every surface. I mean, if you touch something, somebody follows behind you and wipes it off,” she said.

The Blood Bank of Delmarva says their supplies are down by 57%, and a lot of that is due to schools being closed down by the pandemic. School blood drives account for 25% of all blood collected, and the Blood Bank says losing those student donations is an even bigger hit than the numbers suggest.

“You can donate when you’re 17 years old and older, and once they get that first donation out of the way, we’re usually cultivating a donor for life. We’re not getting those folks to be introduced to us, that normally would be introduced,” said Tony Prado, Communications Specialist from The Blood Bank.

The Blood Bank is teaming up with hospital groups across the peninsula like Beebe and Bayhealth to increase donation levels.

Prado said they have to stay vigilant, “I don’t care what kind of business you’re in, if any part of your business is down 43%, you’re gonna feel it. You’re gonna feel a pinch, and you can’t just sit around doing nothing about it, you have to be proactive about it. So here we are.”

Whether it’s through a donor center or a pop-up blood drive, the Blood Bank is urging anyone who can – to give back, by giving blood.

You can make a blood donation appointment with the Blood Bank here.