Delegate Bloxom updates on the virtual special session

September 4, 2020
Delegate Robert Bloxom

By Delegate Rob Bloxom

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Hi, this is Rob Bloxom with this week’s Capitol report. I need to preface my remarks because it is very hard not to be too political or frustrated with the virtual Special Session that is occurring. The Virginia House of Delegates was under Republican control for more than twenty years. This year, the Democratic party is in control of the House of Delegates, along with the Senate, and the Governor’s Mansion. This is the first time in three decades in which one party has had complete control. The Republicans left the present Democrat controlled house with the title of being the number one rated state to do business, according to CNBC. We were also rated the third safest state in which to live and first in recidivism in the United States. Some may say the Republicans were too pro-business, and that may be true. Some may say we were too pro-law and that could be true as well. However, what we are witnessing in Richmond now is an assault on our businesses and on the police forces. The bills that are being brought before my committees are nothing short of shocking, and if you ask a question or debate the bill, then you are labeled a racist. I am not sure why asking the cost of a bill makes me a racist. I may be prudent with your money, but being a racist, I am definitely not.

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I do not condone bad behavior as a citizen or a parent. I do not condone it for law enforcement officers, nor will I condone bad behavior from protestors. However, changing laws in the midst of this politically charged atmosphere without them being fully vetted is not a prudent action. I fear our society will be paying for some very unpleasant bills for future generations. I strongly encourage you to take a look at the bills that are passing the House of Delegates during this special session at . I would like to bring your attention specifically to HB 5013, HB 5103, and HB 5116.

As always, I welcome you to contact me with any questions or concerns. You may also call me at my district office (757)824-3456 or email me at [email protected].


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