During the 2017-18 deer hunting season, hunters harvested 189,730 deer in Virginia. This total included 95,474 antlered bucks, 12,822 button bucks, and 81,434 does (43%).

The youth and apprentice deer hunting weekend resulted in a harvest of 2,954 deer. The archery season harvest was 27,630 deer while hunters took 48,811 deer during the muzzleloader season. Firearms deer season (rifles and shotguns) resulted in a deer harvest of 113,169 deer or 60% of the total. Deer hunting with dogs accounted for approximately 54% of the total firearms deer harvest in the 59 eastern counties where deer-dog hunting is legal. In areas where hunting deer with dogs is legal, the percentage of deer harvested using dogs ranged from just a few percent in northern Virginia to nearly 90% on the Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula, and Virginia’s southeastern counties. Approximately 157,500 deer (83%) were checked using the Department’s electronic telephone and online checking through the Go Outdoors Virginia portal.

According to Deer Project Coordinator Matt Knox, the stable or declining deer harvest trends experienced in most Virginia counties over the past decade were expected. Knox further noted that the Department’s primary deer management effort over the past decade had been to increase the female deer harvest over much of the state, especially on private lands in eastern Virginia, to meet the deer population objectives of stabilizing or reducing deer populations found in the Department’s deer management plan.

In Accomack County, 1067 antlered male deer were harvested. There were 197 male fawns and 1210 does for a total of 2,474 for the county this hunting season.

In Northampton County 452 antlered male deer were harvested. 98 male fawns and 640 does were harvested for a total of 1,190.

Shorewide 3,664 deer were harvested during the two month 2017 hunting season.