At Wednesday night’s Accomack County Supervisors meeting, Ms. Laura Bell Gordy, who was the 2017 Vice Chairman and in line to become 2018’s chairman, nominated Robert Crockett to become the 2018 chairman. Gordy had announced at the October 2017 meeting that she would not be seeking or accepting the nomination as chairman. With Supervisor Grayson Chesser absent from the meeting, Ms. Gordy’s motion the unanimous 8- 0 vote followed almost instantaneous.

Assuming the chairman’s duties Crockett opened the floor for nomination for Vice Chairman. Renita Major nominated Donald Hart as the 2018 Vice Chairman. This motion also passed unanimously.

Operational procedures for the year 2018 remain unchanged. The regular monthly meeting will be on the 3rd Wednesday, any work sessions needed will be on the first Wednesday both to begin at 5 PM in chambers.