Accomack County reported 10 test positives in Wednesday’s Health Department report. Northampton  reported 3 new  test positives for a total of 13. Accomack reported 3 new hospitalizations and 2 additional deaths.  Northampton’s remaining metrics were unchanged.

In Virginia there were 3,690 positive tests with an additional 1697 probable test positives. Virginia had 110 new  hospitalizations with 32 confirmed deaths and 3 probable deaths.

Since the beginning of the pandemic  in March,  Accomack has reported  1826 test positives with 137 hospitalizations and 29 deaths.  Northampton has had 466 cases, 57 hospitalizations and  31 deaths.

The total death count for both counties is 61 which represents 2.1 percent of those who have tested positive.  The recovery rate is 97.9%.

8.4% of those in both counties who tested positive were admitted to the hospital.

Should the local hospital reach full capacity, Riverside has a plan in place to transfer patients to one of its other facilities.

According to the Virginia Hospital and Health Care Association there are 2879 hospital beds available in Virginia with the ability to add an additional  3695 if needed.