May 22, 2020

Numbers abound in the COVID-19 crisis in Virginia.  But the percentages do tell a story that needs to be considered.

In Accomack County there were 709 cases from mid March until Thursday May 21.  That represents 2% of the population of 32,500.  There have been 11 deaths in Accomack County which represents 3/100 of 1% of the overall population of 32,500.  The 11 fatalities represent 1.5% of the 709 confirmed cases. In other words, if you are diagnosed with the corona virus you have a 98.5% probability of recovering from the disease.

In Northampton there have been 206 confirmed cases and 16 deaths since mid March.  Approximately half of those cases are from an outbreak at a local nursing facility.   The 206 cases represent 1.8% of the overall population of 11,500.  The 16 fatalities represents 7% of the confirmed case count of 209.  In other words, there is a 93% survival rate in Northampton County.

In an article in today’s Virginian Pilot, an article shows the age groups effected in Virginia. The 80+ age group has 553 of the 1064 confirmed deaths or 52%. The 79-79 age group had 259 deaths representing 24%. 76% of Virginia fatalities occurred in ages 70+. The 60-69 age group had 165 fatalities or 15%.   The 50-59 age group had 54 fatalities or 5%.  The 40-49 age group had 23 fatalities which represents 2% of the total number.  20-39 totaled 9 fatalities or less than one percent.  Under 20 there have been no fatalities.

Statewide there are 1536 current hospitalizations related to the corona virus. A total of 4523 have been discharged and recovered.


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