By Wesley Edwards

Kadeem Carpenter was in Northampton County Circuit Court on Monday facing a show cause arrest when he did not appear as scheduled on October 18, 2017.

Carpenter was convicted of throwing missiles at a motor vehicle and 2 counts of felony obstruction that occurred on February 9, 2015 when his brother Elijah Carpenter was convicted of malicious wounding. Carpenter was one of those convicted of throwing bricks at participants automobiles after his brother’s trial.

Defense attorney Sherry Mapp told the court that the defendant did not think he had to appear since the warrant was about no restitution being paid. She explained to the court that according to payroll records deductions had been made from his check totaling more than $650 and that she asked for this case to be continued until the reconciliation between the court and deductions could be made. Commonwealth’s Attorney Bruce Jones told the court that according to the victim he had only received $60 and the court records said $72 had been paid in the past 18 months.

Judge Lewis told Carpenter that it was his responsibility to see that the restitution and court cost was paid but he would grant the continuance until January 29, 2018 to allow reconciliation of the documents.